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Engineering at Udemy

At Udemy, we believe education is transformative — it improves lives, enriches society, and fuels innovation. We want to build a world where education is accessible, affordable, and personal. We find meaning in realizing this vision while also building high-quality software.

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What we value

We push teams to consider these five core principles as they design products and services.

Autonomy and ownership

Our teams have a high degree of autonomy to select the projects they work on. The team collectively decides the key investments on their roadmap and has flexibility in the decisions they make within projects. This gives a more direct sense of impact on end-users.

While engineers collaborate closely with Product and Design, they also put forward and drive their own initiatives that align with their team’s long-term strategy and many times even Udemy on the whole. For a peek into what the rest of our engineering team at Udemy has been working on, read our engineering blog - https://medium.com/udemy-engineering.

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Culture of Experimentation

Our products reach millions of people and should feel tailored to each of them. Engineers build for differences in device, language, culture, environment, resources, and ability. They design responsive interfaces, test thoroughly, anticipate edge cases and strive to eliminate biases.

Pragmatism over ceremony

We balance pragmatism with puristic viewpoints and industry best practices, processes that constantly evolve with the team and season over ceremonies set in stone.

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Platform thinking

At Udemy, we see a world where every student can find the right teacher. Connecting people is the heart of our business, so seek ways to build meaningful relationships between students, instructors, and our brand.

Elevate user content

Course content is why students come to Udemy, so make sure it shines. Give instructors robust tools, give students an exceptional learning experience, and present content in a way that conveys its value.

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Join us at Udemy

We're looking for designers, researchers, and engineers who share our passion for education. You'll be working on high-impact projects that reach millions, in a workplace that values personal and professional growth.

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